Why We Confuse The Onion for the News

Consider these scenarios: You get an email from a friend with a news clip about a Texan who fought back against his freedom-hating Muslim neighbors by holding pig races on his farm; you assume the report was an accurate account of the situation and forward the email to other friends. You read a headline from Robert Spencer saying that an honor killing over Christmas was ignored by the Mainstream Media; this confirms what you believe about Muslims, so you ignore the fact that the murder f … [Read more...]

What the D.C. Chase Has to Do With How We Act in Church Tomorrow

Thursday, 34-year-old Miriam Carey drove her car into the White House fence. She then tried to ram into other structures and failed. When she tried to make a u-turn to continue her driving bonanza, police opened fire on her car. Initial reports of gunshots fired, Congress on lockdown, and injured Secret Service agents led us to believe that she was also shooting. This obscured an uncomfortable fact: she was unarmed.With a fuller picture of the story, there is no indication of failure of … [Read more...]

Love Your Neighbor As Your Opponent: Why the Government Shuts Down When We Shut Each Other Out

Perhaps you have seen or experienced the fights that occur when two people stop actively loving each other, and instead justify themselves above any other priority. It happens like this. She comments on her day and asks a simple question. He gives a well-intentioned but thoughtlessly hurtful answer. It's not the first time. She responds in anger. He becomes indignant over her anger. She can't believe he is indignant. He can't stand how she ignores his explanations. Neither one can believe they … [Read more...]

Should Churches Be Taxed?

Every election cycle, we hear stories of evangelical pastors admonishing certain unnamed abortion supporters or some other liberal evil du jour. And this past year, during her husband's reelection campaign, Michelle Obama implored African-American churchgoers in Nashville to be politically engaged. She was careful to avoid saying things like "vote" and "Democrats."Both cases, like many others, were met with calls for removing the offending church's tax exemption. Sometimes this argument is … [Read more...]

Why Syrian Intervention Should Be More Complicated for Christians

If we've learned anything from Iraq and Afghanistan, it's that intervening in the Middle East is never clear or simple. What is clear right now, though, is that the majority of American citizens do not want this country to get militarily involved in Syria, be it via missile strikes, boots on the ground, or some other method.There are a number of reasons why getting involved in Syria may not be the best of ideas for the United States, ranging from doubts concerning the rebels our actions … [Read more...]

Oddly, Cory Booker’s Good Deeds Incite Hate

When a politician makes the news for good deeds, I take notice. Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, has surprised me—and the rest of the watching world—with behaviors that defy my expectations for politicians. Over the past few years, Booker has:cut his salary twice lived in one of Newark’s worst housing projects lived in one of Newark’s most crime-plagued neighborhoods embarked on a 10-day hunger strike to draw attention to drug dealing accepted a challenge to live on food … [Read more...]

War in Syria: When There Is No Good Answer, Answer Without Bombs

Breaking News: Politicians are occasionally dishonest and always opportunists.Yes, President Obama made all kinds of speeches, as a Senator and candidate for President, decrying the imperialist cowboy George W. Bush. Some of these old speeches were even pretty inspirational if you heard them before President Obama said so many things you can't unhear. We can't solve global threats alone, the United States must develop relationships if it wants lasting peace—that sort of thing. All quite r … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Abortion as a Failure of Feminism?

Marilyn Kopp, a member of Feminists for Life, makes the case that abortion represents a failure of feminism as its proponents conceived it for the first century or more of the movement.  One early feminist wrote, "[It] is  degrading for women to treat their children as property, to be disposed of as they see fit."For more on the history of feminism, don't miss this CAPC post: The F-Word: Why Feminism Is Not the Enemy … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Injustice Piles On Top Of Injustice At Guantánamo

When popular author John Grisham found out that Guantánamo detainees were asking for some of his novels, and that they were being denied, he began to learn more about one of the detainees who was a fan of his work -- a man named Nabil Hadjarab who, despite being held in Guantánamo for 11 years, has never been charged with a crime. The result is a heartbreaking and disturbing story of injustice piled on top of injustice. … [Read more...]

The Bucket List of a Four-Year-Old Kenyan Boy

Although I’m not a fan of the term bucket list, I have always liked jotting down my dreams for what I might experience in this life. The usual daredevil feats like skydiving and bungee-jumping have never graced my lists; instead, my slots are reserved for travel and reading and learning and seeing. My list would probably be boring to most, but from time to time when I stumble across it anew, my heart skips a beat, and I am reminded that I need to get busy living (as Morgan Freeman’s Ellis Boyd “R … [Read more...]