Rick Perry: The Response of a Confident Man

He steps to the podium with strength and poise.  He looks over the gathered thousands without the honeyed smile of a salesman or the weepy countenance of one trying to gain sympathy.  His measured words fill the stadium and, on the brink of a possible presidential run, he calmly declares his affinity with those who love America, but who love the living Christ even more.  He closes with a prayer requesting health for the country, wisdom for the president, and for God to hear the cries of rep … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Christian Ethics in Air Force Training and the Authority of the Bible

Every Monday in Citizenship Confusion, Alan Noble discusses how we confuse our heavenly citizenship with citizenship to the state, culture, and the world.A report was recently released by TruthOut.org and picked up by other news outlets which revealed that an ethics course for Nuclear Missile Officers at Vandenberg Air Force Base taught Christian Just War theory. According to the PowerPoint released by the Air Force, the course used Just War theory and scriptural support to make the case that … [Read more...]

Dealing with the Debt Ceiling Disaster

“The alcoholics in Congress, after much deliberation, have decided to cut one of their nightly 14 beers.”So posted Jeff, a friend of mine, on Facebook after details of a deal to raise the debt limit finally fell into place.  Jeff raises an important question about stewardship: how can we feel good about small improvements made on a runaway train needing massive correction?While Congress and the President sigh in relief after avoiding a self-imposed disaster, we are left confused about how we … [Read more...]

A Time to Choose: Debt Ceilings, Medicare, and Competing Visions of America's Future

The great debate currently consuming Washington concerns the question of raising the debt ceiling. House Republicans remain in intense talks with the White House over how to address the problem, bringing to the forefront pressing political impasses and the differing solutions that each side offers. Whether we live out our calling to love our neighbor depends on whether we seriously contemplate and act upon these solutions.What is the debt ceiling? It is the limit set by law to how much the … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Memorial Day, Kevin DeYoung, and How to be Patriotic

Last week Kevin DeYoung wrote a thoughtful post for The Gospel Coalition entitled Thinking Theologically About Memorial Day. In it, he makes five statements about how we should think theologically about our citizenship: 1. Being a Christian does not remove ethnic and national identities.2. Patriotism, like other earthly “prides,” can be a virtue or vice.3. Allegiance to God and allegiance to your country are not inherently incompatible.4. God’s people are not tied to any one nation.5. A … [Read more...]

The Death of an Evil Man

I was hoisting my bike up on my shoulder in preparation to climb three flights of stairs. A freshman about to do a “how-to” speech on mountain biking to my Speech 101 class, I was running late. I turned to jog up the stairs and ran into my buddy Dan. Dan: “Hey man. Have you seen the news today?”Me: “No why?”Dan: “Someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center.”Me: “What? One of the twin towers in New York?”Dan: “Yeah, its all over the news, they are trying to evacuate all the people, t … [Read more...]


The release of President Obama’s birth certificate has been hailed as a victory for the unlikeliest of Presidential candidates. This candidate, I’m sure you’ve guessed, is none other than Donald Trump—CEO, real estate developer, and star of NBC’s The Apprentice.Of course we don’t really know if Trump is running for President. This age of frivolous celebrity seeks all routes to garnering attention, however fleeting; such a stunt could amount to little more than a few reels for a reality show.I … [Read more...]

Racists Pig Racing?: Why Christians are Obligated to be Discerning on the Internet

A month or so ago, someone sent me the following video in an e-mail, which I posted in my column this Monday with the question, "As Christians, what are we to do with this?"http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dUr1NxJDC94via YouTube - pig race mosque pt 2.Several parts of this news report are peculiar, as various commenters pointed out to me in response to my column. There is the strange laughter on the Fox set which can be heard at the beginning of the video, the … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Confessed Abortion? How Will We Respond?

Every Monday in Citizenship Confusion, Alan Noble discusses how we confuse our heavenly citizenship with citizenship to the state, culture, and the world.For the past 20 (30?) years, the definitive political issue for Christians has been abortion. Protestants and Catholics have taken a strong stance against this practice, and rightfully so. Through legislation, picketing, bumper stickers, billboards, pamphlets, books, and clinics Christians have sought to speak out against a rhetoric and mind … [Read more...]

Play in Process: The Patient Assassins

Each week in Play in Process, Richard Clark shares what he’s been playing and why it means something to him.It's been out for a while, but I've recently regained interest in the multi-player mode of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Here's my thesis: If you're the kind of person who finds the standard fast-paced, shooter-based multiplayer games overwhelming and or boring, this is for you. Here are some things that set apart Assassin's Creed's multiplayer from any other game:An emphasis on pati … [Read more...]