Signing Away My Life?

Here's something you might not know about me: I am a singer. Recently, I thought I'd try my voice at an audition for a new NBC reality show being produced by Mark Burnett. The working title for the show is "The Voice". It is apparently going to be an "American Idol" type competition/elimination show, but the concept is based more strictly on the vocals of the contestant. In fact, according to the video that was up on the audition website page earlier this month, it looks like the judges will be … [Read more...]

Are We Entitled to Our Entitlement Programs?

Continuing the discussion on the current debt crisis from his post earlier this week, Citizenship Confusion: Budget Cuts and Our Calling, Alan raises the question of what it means to be "entitled."In recent months, as politicians have begun to wrestle with our nation's serious budget crisis, it has become clear to people on both sides of the political spectrum that at least some cuts are going to have to be made on so-called "Entitlement Programs." The most significant of these programs are M … [Read more...]

The Illegitimacy of Oppression: How Can Christians Think About the Egyptian Revolt?

“Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.” That famous and oft-repeated statement best describes the caution emanating from many countries watching Egypt’s unfolding turmoil. This caution rightly results from the complexity of the situation. Egypt’s present government is far from democratic. It contains only one viable political party and gives few protections to its people to live and speak freely. Many have been arrested or received other terrible treatment by the government in resp … [Read more...]

Four Crucial Technology Landmarks in 2010

Last year a COLLIDE Magazine article once again raised in important question: “It’s 2010? Where’s my Jetpack?”. This look back at technology in 2010 starts with a similar question.Where’s my XBOX720?The PlayStation was released in the US in 1995. The PS2 and XBOX were released in 2000-01, and were followed by the XBOX360 and PS3 in ‘05-06. So where’s the next generation of consoles? There’s a simple answer: they’re not coming. The seventh generation of gaming consoles was built for growth, us … [Read more...]

Our Ten Favorite Video Games of 2010

Far from an objective declaration of the best video games out there (you'll notice a distinct and shameful lack of Wii games), the following is a list that we have compiled of our favorite games of the past year. These are games that we had the chance to play, and that we loved not just for their value proposition or for their genuine ability to entertain, but for their undeniable beauty. For the most part, this is a list of experiences. The great thing about games, is that they are experiences … [Read more...]

Podcast #98: Who's Reggie Bush?

Let's get this straight: Rich doesn't know all that much about sports. But he watches it. That's pretty much all you need to know about this episode, other than the fact that the following topics are addressed:President George W. Bush's new book, Decision Points and the concept of legacy Kanye West and the graceless response to his antics Cam Newton and the mid-season crisis. Waiting for Superman and the failing education system. Thanksgiving and a pressure-less holiday.Click here to … [Read more...]

RetroPost: So You've Lost an Election…

RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: Sure, this article was written in response to the outcome of the 2008 presidential race, but many of the principles remain.By now we’ve all read the knee-jerk responses of our friends on facebook, our favorite blogs, and our news channels of choice. Everyone has an opinion about our new president. The most interesting responses come from people like u … [Read more...]

Podcast #97: A New Leaf

After a bit of a hiatus, the podcast returns! Now a twice a month, more casual affair, every episode we'll simply get together and talk about popular culture. What will we talk about? Whatever happens to be on our minds. It's that simple!This week:Violent video games and the Supreme Court Mid-Term Elections and a fickle public Halloween and scary media Brette Favre, Randy Moss and ethical sportsmen The Rocky Horror Picture Show & The Rocky Horror Glee ShowClick here to listen!We … [Read more...]

Tolerating the Intolerables: Should the First Amendment Protect Westboro Baptist?

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech.” These words remain one of the most revered clauses in the United States Constitution. They are also some of the most controversial. How far do free speech rights extend? What kinds of speech are and are not covered?These questions continue to be raised in a case currently before the Supreme Court, Snyder v. Phelps. The facts pertain to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, whose members are predominately the family of the church’s pa … [Read more...]

Podcast #95: Master Chief Goes to Washington

Violent video games are back under the microscope, this time because of a Supreme Court case which will decide whether or not California has the right to ban sale of violent games to minors. Every major arts and entertainment industry is coming to the defense of the games industry, claiming that to allow such a law would be a violation of free speech. Meanwhile, regular people have to deal with the immediate questions: Is there any value to violent video games? Should I let my kid play them? Why … [Read more...]