Should Christians Celebrate the Constitution?

Today, September 17, is a monumental date in history. It is the anniversary of an event, now 223 years old, that continues to shape our nation and our world as much as any other occurrence. If this date does not ring an immediate bell, it is the day we celebrate the signing of the United States Constitution. After four brutal summer months spent debating in a hot, stuffy Independence Hall, our nation’s governing document was finally forged. Its subsequent history makes it one of the most read a … [Read more...]

Podcast #93: Hipster Burning and Quran Christianity

Even Sarah Palin agrees: it's a stupid idea to burn a stack of Qurans. So why, then is this church so insistent on doing something so harmful? What's the real problem with this idea? Ben and Rich discuss these questions, and then address how we often act in ways similar to this Gainesville church.My guess is that there aren't many hipsters who want to burn the Quran, but is it possible that this group of cool kids skews too far to the other extreme? Ben and Rich also discuss what the … [Read more...]

Clear as Mud: The Gospel in Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally

Among the political news of the weekend was the “Restoring Honor” rally headed up by Glenn Beck in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The event’s attendance has been cited as anywhere between 300,000 and 500,000 persons. It also included many known cultural personalities, from baseball’s Albert Pujols to Sarah Palin to Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.While much I will have to say about the rally contains criticisms, I should note that there were definite good elements present. The focu … [Read more...]

RetroPost: How Glenn Beck and Michael Moore Killed the Truth

Editor’s Note: RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: As if we needed another indication that Glenn Beck wasn't interested in making friends, his upcoming speech at the same place and date as Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech has done little else besides frustrate and shock those who disagree with him. Needless to say, his style is heat-generating, focused on controversy r … [Read more...]

Mosquerading as the Truth: The (near) Ground Zero "Mosque" and Political Rhetoric

A few days ago I (and the rest of her Twitter followers) was asked by Sarah Palin via a Twitter post to view the following video:In the last two weeks I've read many insightful articles and arguments about this Mosque Community Center at near Ground Zero. And my purpose here is not to rehash those arguments. For those interested, let me suggest this article by Steve Chapman called Republicans for Religious Freedom and the recent New York Times article on Feisal Abdul, the Imam who is f … [Read more...]

RetroPost: The Faith of Barack Obama

Editor’s Note: RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: With a recent poll indicating that people are still unsure of our president's religious affiliation, Barack Obama's faith is yet again front and center. Two years ago, before Obama was president, Bill Reichart wrote about the idiosyncrasies of Obama's religious background and beliefs.We are coming to the end of the Democratic National C … [Read more...]

Is There a Better Way than Proposition 8?

In light of Proposition 8’s judicial overturning, our repost of Charles’ “Should We Feel Great About Proposition 8” was timely and thought-provoking. I do not intend the following to be a full-fledged articulation of my thinking but a beginning sketch for hopefully fuller realization.The debate over this vote and its aftermath continues to prove rancorous and uncivil in the highest degree. However, this should not surprise anyone. We live in a democratic time with numerous and easily accessi … [Read more...]

RetroPost: Should We Feel Great About Proposition 8?

Editor's Note: RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: On June 8 of last year, Charles Jones wondered whether the initiative, and the attitude behind it, was such a great thing. This week, we found that a federal judge had more concrete reservations, striking down the Proposition as unconstitutional.California's Proposition 8, a ballot initiative making same-sex marriages illegal, just … [Read more...]

Podcast #91: Why Do They Hate Us?

We Christians love to point out the various ways we are persecuted. But do we really have it that bad? This week, we discuss two things that tend to put Christians on the defensive: being mocked by popular culture, and celebrities denouncing us. Then again, we're not always the victim. Some Christians are doing a good job of persecuting themselves, taking offense at the building of muslim community center near Ground Zero in New York. Maybe they've got a point, but we wonder how they'd feel if … [Read more...]

Friday Night Lights Tackles Abortion Head On

It's a common trope in recent popular culture that whenever a character finds themselves with an unwanted pregnancy, the only real choices are between keeping the baby and adoption. In Juno, abortion is considered momentarily but disregarded after being faced with the idea that her fetus may in fact have fingernails. In Knocked Up, the word itself is treated as some sort of unutterable expletive, a winking nod to the firestorm of controversy surrounding the practice. In Glee, abortion isn't even … [Read more...]