Podcast #37: Ben and Rich Look Forward, Part 2 (Television/Politics)

Click here to listen!This Week: Ben and Rich discuss the things Christ and Pop Culture writers are (or were) looking forward to in 2009, including: Dollhouse, The Oscars, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, the truth about Obama, The Soul of the Republican Party, and Local Politics. Also, Ben eats a gummy worm! Against his will! Something for everyone!Every week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett sit back and discuss the posts of the previous week on Christ and Pop Culture, acknowledge and … [Read more...]

The Danger of Blogging(and spouting off in other ways)

When angry opinion meets elegant articulation, our culture celebrates.  Brilliant put-downs, abusive comments, and eloquent backhands titillate us, though we still manage to maintain the "I'm a good person" illusion while we scan the latest smart-mouth essay.  My questions are these: do we recognize it for what it is?  And do we handle it rightly?The invective industry is massive.  Every major newspaper and magazine and news channel has their opinionated curmudgeon, complaining about whatever t … [Read more...]

What Would Rush Do? Now Do the Opposite.

"If I wanted Obama to succeed... I'd be encouraging the republicans to lay down and support him! I don't want this to work... I hope he fails!" - Rush Limbaugh[Update: It seems I  unintentionally misrepresented this quote. See the comments below (especially the one by Bill Blair), and check out the full context here. I'm truly, truly sorry for that. I should say, however that I still stand behind the overall thesis of this post. ]They weren't quite the most shocking words in the world. … [Read more...]

Looking Forward: Politics in 2009

Many Christians remain on the defensive in response to the culture around them, pointing out dangers and condemning anything that makes us uncomfortable. We find warning and condemnation to be a valid position, but not a valid default position. In order to demonstrate an alternative, we thought we’d demonstrate what it’s like to give popular culture the benefit of the doubt.All this week, the writers at Christ and Pop Culture will be playing the role of evangelist for some of the things we’re mos … [Read more...]

“The Audacity of Hope” in God’s Sovereignty

President-Elect Barack Obama carries a warm place in his heart for Abraham Lincoln. He cites Doris Kearns Goodwin’s excellent Lincoln volume Team of Rivals as an important influence. He has written in Time magazine about him. Obama even intends to use the same Bible as President Lincoln in taking the oath of office.Why the special affection for “Honest Abe”? It could be their common home state of Illinois. Maybe it lay in Lincoln’s status as one of our greatest Presidents. Regardless, Obama wil … [Read more...]

What was Actually So Great About 2008

In January, I wrote about the culture events I most looked forward to in 2008. Some events turned out to be better than I expected, others much, much worse, and still others never even happened. Now that 2008 is coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to look at my predictions and see which cultural events actually had an impact this year. TV My prediction: Star Wars the Clone WarsThe last film I saw in theaters this summer was perhaps the worst movie I have even seen (and, Lord … [Read more...]

Politics, Ethics, and Compromise.

I'll start by saying... I really enjoy politics.  I've been studying it for 11 years; the philosophical underpinnings, the history, the institutions, the policies, and the backroom dealings.  I've worked for two election campaigns, two lobbyist organizations, a state senator, and a U.S. Congressman.  I follow political news closely.  For whatever reason, I just think it's extremely fun.However, the first thing you lose when you study a subject is any pristine sense of idealism about what it can … [Read more...]

Podcast #35: Blagojevich's Big Mistake

Click here to listen!This week: Ben shrugs at the latest political scandal while Rich wants to know what it all means, they both lament the latest Christian copy-cat products, and Rich explains with a series of rants his reasoning for abandoning the Wii and embracing the Xbox 360.Posts Discussed in this episode:Sunday School Musical: Why do Christians Do This?Why I Made the SwitchEvery week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett sit back and discuss the posts of the previous week on Christ … [Read more...]

Podcast #30: Rich and Ben "Bond"

Click here to listen!Every week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett sit back and discuss the posts of the previous week on Christ and Pop Culture, acknowledge and respond to the big issues in popular culture, and give a sneak peak at the week ahead.This week: The new Bond movie, The Secret Life of Bees Bible Study, losing an election, and Heroes.We love feedback! If you’d like to respond you can comment on the website, send an email to christandpopculture@gmail.com, or go to our contact page. W … [Read more...]

So You've Lost an Election…

By now we've all read the knee-jerk responses of our friends on facebook, our favorite blogs, and our news channels of choice. Everyone has an opinion about our new president. The most interesting responses come from people like us: Christians. Some prefered Obama's victory in the first place. Others who did not responded with all sorts of different sentiments. It's those of us who lost who need to think hard about what we do now. I'm one of you. I prayed and voted for John McCain as p … [Read more...]