Podcast #69: Brit Hume Lays it On The Line

Ben and Rich come back from their holiday vacations and dive right in, discussing their Christmas and New Year celebrations, whether or not sports is truly beneficial, and the recent uproar over Brit Hume's frank advice to Tiger Woods.Every week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett acknowledge and respond to the big issues in popular culture. We love feedback! If you’d like to respond you can comment on the website, send an email to christandpopculture@gmail.com, or go to our contact page. We would … [Read more...]

Podcast #68: Tiger, War, Peace, and Climate Change

Ben and Rich discuss three elephants in the room this week: Tiger Woods' affair, Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, and Climate Change. Something for everyone!Every week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett acknowledge and respond to the big issues in popular culture. We love feedback! If you’d like to respond you can comment on the website, send an email to christandpopculture@gmail.com, or go to our contact page. We would love to respond to feedback on the show, so do it now! S … [Read more...]

Why I Will Always Root for the Home Team

I grew up at the tail end of an empire. That empire was known as the Crimson Tide. As far as I knew, every living soul loved Alabama Football with the exception of terrorists and baby killers. Their number one fan just happened to be my old man. Once he traded our bunk beds for a blanket which had been custom made for a former Tide player. We had the commemorative Bear Bryant Coca-Cola bottles, as did all of my extended family. I had a helmet lamp with a battered shade and framed pictures … [Read more...]

Why Jordan Has No Joy

I actually never liked Michael Jordan. I know what you'll say, "But he's the greatest player to ever play the game!" And you'd be right, there's no denying it. He ruled the air, claimed the victory, and his induction into the Hall of Fame, on September 11th , proved his greatness. But his induction speech revealed in clear colors just what kind of man he was and is: a petty and unhappy one.If you watched Jordan's induction speech you'll have noticed one common theme: revenge. He took shots at … [Read more...]

Podcast #58: The Sports Dilemma (Plus, a Bonus Announcement!)

At the tail end of baseball season and the beginning of football season, for many Americans, the fall air doesn't remind us of anything to do with farming or natural events as much as it reminds us of the sports calendar. I don't know about you, but around here it's starting to feel like football. Starting this weekend, men will begin spending an incredible amount of time watching their favorite games and making judgment calls about who should be playing, who they should cheer for, and just how … [Read more...]

Supreme Dialogue: Sotomayor and the Place for National Discussion

The confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor is historically momentous but practically uninteresting. The first Hispanic nominee to the Supreme Court meets a senate whose makeup all but assures her confirmation. Yet even anti-climactic nominations provide a rare opportunity within American politics. The confirmation of a Supreme Court justice allows us to contemplate and debate the nature of our regime in ways that escape the day-to-day grind of C-SPAN, MSNBC and Fox News.Normally, our focus … [Read more...]

Did Brock Lesnar Ruin the UFC for Me?

Hands down Brock Lesnar might be one of the most intimidating dudes on the planet! The 6' 3'', 265 lb Mixed Martial Arts fighter is a monster in the ring. His defeat of Frank Mir - a UFC fighter he originally lost to in his first ever UFC appearance - proved just how powerful a fighter he is. But it was his antics after the fight last Saturday that were even more disturbing.The UFC has had a long battle to earn its place as a recognized and semi-credible sport. Originally it was billed as a … [Read more...]

Baseball: Beautiful Game or Steroided Mess?

Baseball. America's pastime. That elegant competition praised by coarse cheers, lyric poems, and motion picture films. Spring plunges into Summer and sports fans in the U.S. increasingly turn their eyes to the baseball diamond.As the Boys of Summer kick into full gear, the lead story from the sport is full of controversy. Manny Ramirez, one of baseball's best (and most eccentric) hitters, tested positive for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a female fertility drug and a substance banned … [Read more...]

A Defense of "Meaningless Fun"

Trying to explain the value of video games to my wife is a losing proposition. After all, nothing physical is gained. Your status in the world  is not improved (well, at least in most circles!). You are not healthier, and you have likely not used Halo to spread the gospel to the nations. Aside from the value of shared experience, which can be gained in many other contexts as well, it is a basically meaningless activity.What is worse is that this same reasoning can be extended to many other a … [Read more...]

Podcast #40: The Pill in the Pudding Approach

Click here to listen!This Week: Ben and Rich have a varied conversation. The Elephant in the Room this week is March Madness, which Ben and Rich discuss congenially. That all changes once the discussion of the past week's articles begins. Ben and Rich discuss (but mostly debate) Rainn Wilson's SoulPancake.com, Barack Obama's position on stem cell research, and U2's celebrity status. Believe the hype: Ben and Rich Throw Down in an Epic Battle for the Minds of their Listeners!.. By which we … [Read more...]