Megapixels, The Bachelor and the Good Life

Last week while I was considering a newer digital camera (My Rebel XT is nearing it's exposure rating), I was bouncing around Gizmodo and came across an article that changed the whole nature of my search: "Why More Megapixels Isn't Always Better".I was just going to glance at it to reinforce what I already knew, which is that while a 10MP point-and-shoot and a Rebel XTi or Nikon D60 have the same resolution, the control and lens quality of the digital SLR (single-lens reflex) is far superior. … [Read more...]

Technology's Double Edged Sword

Technology is amazing. I'm awed by its power to change our world down to the very questions we ask about the problems we face. If we forget to mail something until the last minute, we simply overnight it. For $40 or $50 we can avert a crisis. But in 1890, depending on the distance, you might have had to plan weeks or months in advance, and there were no tracking numbers. Even 10 years ago one of our favorite phrases when we're going driving to a new place - "I'll call you when we get close," - … [Read more...]

The Danger of Blogging(and spouting off in other ways)

When angry opinion meets elegant articulation, our culture celebrates.  Brilliant put-downs, abusive comments, and eloquent backhands titillate us, though we still manage to maintain the "I'm a good person" illusion while we scan the latest smart-mouth essay.  My questions are these: do we recognize it for what it is?  And do we handle it rightly?The invective industry is massive.  Every major newspaper and magazine and news channel has their opinionated curmudgeon, complaining about whatever t … [Read more...]

What was Actually So Great About 2008

In January, I wrote about the culture events I most looked forward to in 2008. Some events turned out to be better than I expected, others much, much worse, and still others never even happened. Now that 2008 is coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to look at my predictions and see which cultural events actually had an impact this year. TV My prediction: Star Wars the Clone WarsThe last film I saw in theaters this summer was perhaps the worst movie I have even seen (and, Lord … [Read more...]

RetroPost: Your Life in 12 Words or Less

In RetroPost, we feature a post from at least one year ago (ancient in pop culture time). The posts are featured because they have some relevance to current happenings, because they are timeless in nature and speak to a relevant issue, or because we plan on providing a follow-up in an upcoming post.This week: In light of the recent twitter firestorm, we thought we'd spotlight an article our co-founder and editor, Alan Noble, wrote about the potentially harmful affects our facebook profile can … [Read more...]

Podcast #31: Shop 'til You Love Jesus!

Click here to listen!This week: Rich and Ben discuss the cultural phenomenon known as Black Friday, argue over a canceled TV show as metaphor for Romans 7, and discuss the implications of living in an iPhone Culture.Posts discussed in this show:My Own Worst Enemy: At War With MyselfRetropost: The Revolution Will Have to Call You BackOne Phone to Rule Them AllEvery week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett sit back and discuss the posts of the previous week on Christ and Pop Culture, … [Read more...]

One Phone to Rule them All

A year ago, I wrote this post, in which I claim that the iPhone is essentially a better phone, and not a revolutionary game-changer. I was convinced that while it would conveniantly integrate two of our day's oft-used gadgets, it would only make our lives more conveniant, not fundamentally different. And so, the dangers and benefits of the iphone were stated as typical for anything else.Well, things have changed.In fact, two key developments have caused me to reevaluate my opinion of the … [Read more...]

RetroPost: The Revolution Will Have to Call You Back

Our new weekly feature, RetroPost, will feature a post from at least one year ago (ancient in pop culture time). The post will be featured because it has some relevance to current happenings, because it is timeless and nature and speaks to a relevant issue, or because (as is the case today) we plan on providing a follow-up in an upcoming post.In this week's RetroPost from November 9 of last year, we feature Richard Clark's take on the (not so?) revolutionary on the iPhone. Look tomorrow for … [Read more...]

Proclaiming the Gospel, One Forum at a Time

A few weeks ago, while reading reviews on a book dealing with Christianity, I saw a link to a "Customer Discussion" forum with a title that read something like, "Why Catholics are idol worshipers." Against my better judgment, I visited the thread. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the thread since then, but from what I can remember, the author of the original post had written a rather lengthy explanation of why Catholicism was a false religion, explaining that he had actually been a … [Read more...]

How Hulu Changed My Life

The season and series premieres for the Fall Television season have begun, and so far I have watched all of my favorite shows.  But I've done so without having watched one hour of "television".  How is that possible?  Hulu. is a free online site that allows you to stream television shows and movies.  My friends who have DVR tell me that it has changed their life.  Their DVR lets them record and save their favorite show for viewing when it is most convenient for them.  I am too cheap to g … [Read more...]