A Theology of Twitter

As of today, Christ and Pop Culture has launched a Twitter account. You can access it and subscribe here. If you like this site at all, I think you'll really like the twitter feed. Trust us, it will be more than just telling you when we've blogged (in fact, we'll try and refrain from that sort of thing at least for now).In honor of this new Twitter account, I thought I'd offer up this "Theology of Twitter". Enjoy, and see you on Twitter.For many, Twitter is just another sign of the … [Read more...]

Is TMI making us D-U-M-B?

One of the constant laments here at CAPC is the loss of creativity in the Christian sphere.  Really, it’s a funny problem.  The church is flung far and wide across ethnicities, cultures, geography, and political spheres.  Is it really so hard to find a few creative Christians?A short, sweet article by Frank Bures in Poets & Writers (Way, Way Too Much Information) makes the case that problems with creativity, at least in the field of writing, may have something to do with the constant flow o … [Read more...]

Getting Our Bearings: A Review of "The Golden Compass"

“When Polar Bears Attack” is not the name of a new Fox Television reality show. It is instead the only remotely interesting part in an otherwise confused, tiresome, and overly-hyped film. The Golden Compass directed by Chris Weitz, was billed as another Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy epic film. It falls far short.For months we’ve been hearing, reading, and talking about the dangers of Philip Pullman’s atheistic children’s literary trilogy His Dark Materials. In particular we’ve been hearing ab … [Read more...]

Podcast #18: Virtual Communities

Click here to listen!The concept of spending time with and getting to know people is as old as humanity, but recently that concept has been turned on its head. All of a sudden, it is claimed, we have the ability to relate to one another without even being in the same country. With the advent of various communication devices, most notably the internet and its accompanying breakthroughs, the concept of "virtual community" has become a commonly acceptable notion.But is it really possible to … [Read more...]

Your Life in 12 Words or Less: the Dehumanizing Effect of Facebook Profiles, Personal Ads, and Eulogies

I like to talk. In general, I feel that I usually know what the right thing is to say to a person when they need advice or admonishment. But there's one situation where I don't know if I'll ever have the right words: when a person has lost a loved one. What is there to say that could ever come close to what they are going through? The sorrow, the questions, the guilt, the shock, what words exist that could be shaped to be commensurate to their experience? As difficult as these situations are, … [Read more...]

The Revolution Will Have to Call You Back

David blogged recently about the iPhone, examining what Christians should think of such a device. One observation:"…it has the potential to become a god. Lining up to buy the iPhone may just suggest the worship of materialism that is rampant in our country. It may suggest the reign of Mamon on our “Christian” continent.Beyond the foundational issue of idolatry is the issue of responsibility. How many people will fork over the hundreds of dollars required to buy this phone, and the thousands i … [Read more...]