‘Donglegate’ Makes Me Want To Destroy the Internet

As a matter of principle, I tend to think the Internet is a Good Thing. It puts unimaginable amounts of information at the fingertips of people the world over and provides us with a multitude of ways (e.g., personal blogs, Facebook, Twitter) that we can use to communicate and share our lives with each other. It can give a voice to the voiceless, such as dissidents living in oppressive regimes, and can be used to hold the powerful accountable. And on a more personal level, the Internet has given … [Read more...]

Can I Stick a Chip In Your Brain? The Ethics of Biological and Technological Integration.

Do you know what one of the most annoying things about having a cell phone is? Having to remember where I put it. It's so obnoxious: One day it's in my laundry, the next it's in the office. I just can't keep track of it. Wouldn't it be nice if I could just integrate the phone into my brain, and bingo! No more losing it.This simple argument is pushing many towards the idea that we can combine our biological parts with technological parts, not simply for the sake of empowering those who are … [Read more...]

What Do Teens Hope to Gain When They Leave Facebook?

As a social media user, I love Facebook and its capabilities to increase community, communication, and connection. For the last 8 years, it's been one of the primary tools for those things, and has stood the test of time and of use and misuse. But, if modern reports are to be believed, teens -- once considered Facebook's primary audience -- are abandoning it for other social media services.The Verge recently broke a story that data reveals that services like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr a … [Read more...]

Podcast #112 The Future of Gaming and Refusing to Give Up Facebook

Every week on the Christ and Pop Culture Podcast, various Christ and Pop Culture writers delve deeper into recent articles and address some of the bigger issues in popular culture. Click here to listen! This week, Christ and Pop Culture editors Drew Dixon and Brad Williams discuss the Playstation 4 and the cultural dilemma that is Facebook.We love feedback. If you’d like to respond, you can comment on the Web site or send an e-mail to christandpopculture@gmail.com. We’re also on Tw … [Read more...]

Google’s Project Glass: A Preliminary Understanding

Behold Puny Mortals! Tremble before Google and their newest digital endeavor: Google Glass! Well, maybe not. Announced in 2012, Project Glass just began to be released to the public via an "early adopter" program and Google has released footage of real-life use of the hardware.As a tech guy, I'm excited by this hardware's potential. Consider it: The ability to always track certain info, to share life with a single phrase. What could come of it? How could we further record the human … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Grid: How Living on the Internet Changes Everything

What if we don’t live in a world of divided realms but rather, a world where the digital and the physical exist together as an "augmented" reality?"The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... I got in." -- Kevin Flynn, Tron: Legacy Ever since the computer’s invention, science fic … [Read more...]

Do Physical Books Still Matter?

I've been a physical book nerd from the start. Ever since I was young, I've always wanted a library of books to own so that I can show them off, grab a book, give it a sniff, and put it back. But with the rise of e-books as an extremely viable model of reading, it's created a debate amongst readers and publishers as to whether e-books are the "Death of the book" or are just another method of reading which won't impact one's reading of physical books.I've been following the debate from day o … [Read more...]

Why I’m Not Giving Up Facebook for Lent

“Goodbye, Facebook! I’ll see you after Lent.”A number of my friends have posted sentiments such as this in recent days, as sites like Facebook and Twitter now regularly sit in the top ten lists of what to sacrifice for Lent. Apparently engaging in social media is a more tempting vice for some people than fast food, sex, and sweets, and thus needs to be excised from one’s life for 40 days.I wouldn’t disagree with anyone who feels that fasting from social media can be beneficial for their s … [Read more...]

Brace Yourself, Here Comes the Digital Mob Justice

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the case of the Applebee's server who was fired for posting a photo of a receipt that had some rude comments from a customer. (If you haven't, here's a brief recap.) After news of the firing spread, people took to their computers to voice their disapproval of both Applebee's and the rude customer, protest the server's firing, and threaten Applebee's with boycotts. Applebee's certainly did itself no favors with how it handled the fiasco, but even so, The … [Read more...]

3D Printers Create a New World of Possibility and Controversy

One of the biggest technological advances in recent history that you may not have heard much about are 3D printers. Just as the name implies, these devices allow you to print actual, physical objects—like a bicycle—using nothing more than tiny layers of plastic and polymer. And though they may have once been the domain of labs and factories, they're getting cheaper and smaller all the time. For less than $2000, you can get a device that fits in your garage or basement workshop, and you can start … [Read more...]