The Dark Dualism of Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the pilot episode of Sleepy Hollow. On Monday, September 16, Fox premiered its new horror/mystery series Sleepy Hollow, which is co-produced by J. J. Abrams’ old scribes, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Only loosely based on Washington Irving’s sketch “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” the show follows Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), an 18th century soldier in the Revolutionary Army who wakes up in contemporary Sleepy Hollow after having decapitated a mysteri … [Read more...]

Actually, People Say Really Nice Things About Miss America on Twitter!

I don't watch the Miss America pageant. There are two good reasons for this. First, I don't watch much television, and second, I think it's the weirdest thing. I know folks complain that the pageant tends to objectify women more than empower them, but I could easily be convinced that this isn't the case. Instead, the pageant reminds me of my old high school prom. All of these beautiful women are there in their beautiful gowns, but no one has a date. (I've always thought it'd be awesome to show … [Read more...]

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 2: Genre Roots

Before “Doctor Who” officially turns 50 this November, Christ and Pop Culture will spend 12 weeks delving deep into the science-fiction series phenomenon. You can find part 1 in our series Royce HuntThe British sci-fi series Doctor Who returned to television in 2005, finding thousands of new fans. But my love for the Doctor’s stories goes further back in time.In the 1970s I enjoyed a host of new and syndicated science-fiction programs, cheering on the feats of The Six Millio … [Read more...]

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 1: Mad Man with a Box

Before “Doctor Who” officially turns 50 this November, Christ and Pop Culture will spend 12 weeks delving deep into the science-fiction series phenomenon.When I was a child, I thought like a child and enjoyed Christian programs for children. Those included the Christian Broadcasting Network’s anime TV series Superbook, in which children travel in a whirling “time vortex,” and Adventures in Odyssey, whose stories often included a time machine-like device shaped (at first) like a phone box. … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: So You Think You Can Dance, Where Iron Sharpens Iron

The season finale of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance airs tonight, and I’m as excited for this, the tenth installment of the show, as I was for the first. In a pool of reality television where cutthroat competition reigns supreme (even on shows where no real skill is involved), SYTYCD offers viewers something different—artistic excellence where the best dancers elevate their competitors instead of degrading them. Iron sharpens iron.Throughout the season, the audience does not get glimpses of … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: Love It or List It

Right now it feels like my husband and I are playing our own version of HGTV’s show Love It or List It. Our house is on the market because we’d like to move closer to the town where we both work—actually, the office where we both work, since we share our space there too. But we’re not sure the cost will be feasible without sacrificing too many of the great things about our current neighborhood. We wonder if some modifications (namely, adding a quiet writing space for both of us) might make all th … [Read more...]

Is Duck Dynasty a Good Example of Christianity?

A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty," a semi-reality comedy show following the antics of the Robertson family in Louisiana, has quickly become the biggest hit in reality TV history, according to the New York Times' profile this week.  The show has sparked a good bit of discussion among Christians not only because of its popularity and entertainment value, but also because the Robertsons are fairly vocal about their own faith.I say "fairly," of course, because the extent to which the family's … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus and Exchanging Virgin Icons for Sex Icons

What! Another formerly wholesome teen celebrity strips on television? Yes, Miley Cyrus’s nasty performance on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards show was outrageous, an example of cultural decay and decadence, etc. But it’s not new.Neither are the indignant replies we’ve been hearing from some.Christian pastor Trevin Wax’s popular blog reaction invokes one image Christians often reference (it was even in the film Courageous): a sweet little girl twirling like a princess. Wax is thoughtful an … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad Broken Down: “Confessions”

Alan Is Walt going to kill Jesse in the next episode? My hunch is that Vince Gilligan will keep the suspense going for another episode or two, but after the end of "Confessions" I can't foresee the show going much longer with both of them alive. Jesse is finished with Walt and doesn't seem to care what happens to himself. One of the most painful scenes in the entire series was when Jesse breaks down crying, telling Walt that he knows that the older man doesn't actually care about him. I don't … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: The Vague Southern God of Duck Dynasty

If you haven't seen in, Duck Dynasty is an incredibly popular show about the creators of Nintendo's iconic game, "Duck Hunt." This "reality" "TV" show follows the family of game designers as they do things, humorously.One of the most interesting aspects of the show is that the Robertsons are Christians, and they are pretty open about their faith, but Thomas Kidd wonders if the show portrays Christianity, or "cultural Christianity":"What the show presents is a good life, but it is not in … [Read more...]