Lost’s Biggest Question

With the final season of Lost just around the corner, a lot of the writers at Christ and Pop Culture have finally found a television show they can agree on. From it's beginning, it's dealt head on with issues of morality, spirituality and faith. Most importantly, it's a show that is thoughtfully and artfully produced, presenting us with a unique plot and real, empathetic characters. Naturally, it's a perfect show for CaPC writers to discuss in our Water Cooler series.For the next two Tuesdays, … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: “I don’t know that Glee needed to redeem itself.”

Read the other entries in this installment of the water cooler.Ben writes,I don't know that Glee needed to redeem itself... I like the show overall. That said, I always appreciate it when a storyteller can both tie up loose ends AND up the ante, and that definitely happened in this case. They certainly didn't back down from making things more complex even as former tensions are resolved. Speaking of assumptions, haven't we all been assuming Rachel and Finn were pretty much destined for … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: “Actions have consequences!”

Read the other entries in this installment of the water cooler.Ben writes,Hey Rich,The most recent episode certainly took a step back from the absurd! It was nice to see some of the loose ends being tied back in.Throughout the episode, one simple thought kept running through my mind; actions have consequences! You cannot hide a pregnancy from your husband, you cannot flaunt the rules, and you cannot avoid being identified with groups you commit yourself to.And yet the show also … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: “I’m going to disagree with Puck’s definition of ‘good dad.’”

Read the other entries in this installment of the water cooler.Ben writes,Rich, it seems you are arguing that instances of absurdity in the show require the watcher to suspend normal standards for ALL aspects of the show. So, a teacher acting crazy over here means you can't expect reasonable behavior (or even basic knowledge of procreation) from a high school senior over there. This is a mistake; the show thrives on both elements.So, on the one hand it is purposefully silly and absurd to … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: Glee, Episode 11-12 – Hairography & Mattress

Watch the episode here.See the previous Glee discussion.In the CaPC Water-Cooler series, we view a popular television show, movie, or other popular culture landmark and discuss it to death. Forgive the casual nature of the entries. We kind of like them that way.There are currently three ways to keep up:1. Keep refreshing this page, which will be updated regularly with links to the individual entries.2. Subscribe to our site in google reader or some other rss reader, and the entries … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: “…one of the most encouraging episodes of Glee in a while.”

Note: Much of this entry (Ben's and half of Rich's) was written before having watched Episode 11, Hairography.Ben writes,Finn's mom is okay, though she was way over the top in the early going. "Who needs a man?" she asks while teaching her son to drive, which is a totally misdirected argument. The power of the moment in the previous episode was the sparse, disciplined writing that gave credit to the audience for knowing that conversations happen more like this and less like 10 minutes of … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: “The kid is an incredible moron.”

Read what came before or after this.Ben writes,Heh... I disagree, but that was one of your best arguments ever.No question the moment with Finn's mom was terrific. Not only was the acting good, but I thought the written dialogue was fabulous."Were you singing to a sonogram?" "Um, yeah." pause. "Is Quinn pregnant?"Fabulous example of not overwriting.Mercedes and Puck did not work at all, for two key reasons. First, I say Puck DOES have reason to be angry and frustrated. It's his … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: “”Ok, BTW… Glee was dumb.”

Read what came before or after this.Ben writes,Ok, BTW... Glee was dumb.  Actually, I thought the crush on the teacher storyline was fun, if a bit silly.  But the portrayal of Quinn's family was incredibly idiotic, and the part with Mercedes and Puck was one of the worst TV moments I think I've ever seen.  Also, a gay guy falling in love with a big idiotic jock and trying to sorta talk him out of liking girls was stupid in the extreme.  And singing about a girl having his baby?I thi … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: Glee, Episode 10 – Ballad

Watch the episode here.A lot of people have a lot of different opinons about Fox's new smash hit, Glee. One thing, though, everyone agrees on: Glee is unique. Glee delivers comedy, drama, satire, social commentary, and musical numbers week after week, and then releases albums that sell in huge numbers. It has become a cultural force faster than anyone anticipated, and it's destined to influence those we know. And even more fascinating, it has its viewers often feeling alternately frustrated … [Read more...]

The Cost Of A Download

So is the judge making an example out of her or does this seem like a reasonable price to pay? … [Read more...]