Voices Without a Vote and Political Idolatry

I don't know about you but I am really excited about tomorrow primarily because no matter what the outcome, the election will be over. Nick Rynerson recently wrote a feature on why he isn't going to be voting this election and while I disagree with the premise behind that article, videos like the one below illustrate Nick's point about the pervasiveness of political idolatry in our country.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuCaWYvpVZgThis video was made by im2moro.org, a group committed to … [Read more...]

On the Eve of the 2012 Presidential Election

As far as I can tell, Tuesday's presidential election is still a toss-up. Republican nominee Mitt Romney has enjoyed a surge in polls in recent weeks due to his generally strong performances in last month's presidential debates. Yet the latest Pew Research Poll indicates the incumbent President has a 50%-47% lead over Romney.Whatever the outcome of Tuesday's election will be, I'm relieved the election race is nearly over. I've heard a number of people say this race has been the most vicious … [Read more...]

Don’t Vote: An Alternative to American Politics

Nick Rynerson takes a look at the history and value of Christian political disengagement. It's election season in the age of social media. Without fail, our twitter feeds are filled with hashtags like #debate and #RomneyRyan2012, and the television has been overtaken by talking heads who say things like, “Ohio is a real battleground state” and “the Latino vote is defined by several key issues . . . ” On Tuesday, the 6th of November, many Americans will take time off of work to go vote for the ne … [Read more...]