ELSEWHERE: Print Your Own Healing

I've written about the possibilities and controversies surrounding 3D printers before, but I don't think there will be too much controversy around this story: Two men have figured out how to print prosthetic "Robohands" for children, and they've made the designs and techniques freely available to all. More info here. … [Read more...]

3D Printers Create a New World of Possibility and Controversy

One of the biggest technological advances in recent history that you may not have heard much about are 3D printers. Just as the name implies, these devices allow you to print actual, physical objects—like a bicycle—using nothing more than tiny layers of plastic and polymer. And though they may have once been the domain of labs and factories, they're getting cheaper and smaller all the time. For less than $2000, you can get a device that fits in your garage or basement workshop, and you can start … [Read more...]