iToddler: How Soon Is Too Soon To Expose Kids To Technology?

When I was a child, my family made a strict decision to keep gaming consoles out of the house. Game Boys and PlayStations were all devices meant to be played at our cousin's house, or while waiting around at a friend's house, but not at home. In a way, it opened my mind to other activities.However, buying a Game Boy eventually became a primary goal in my young life. I saved up all my money, asked both the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus for a system, and kept nagging my parents. Dad finally … [Read more...]

Pour Me Something Stronger: Nashville’s Addictions

In the first of many great songs performed on the TV show Nashville, shy ingenue Scarlett (Clare Bowen) sings about her obviously unworthy on-again-off-again boyfriend Avery (Jonathan Jackson): Stop saying those sweet things You know I'd like to hear The horns are blowing louder And they're destroying meWhy do I keep drinking Wasting my time on you If I didn't know better Well, dammit, I do ... You might as well be the devil Oh keeping me out past three Oh you're the one with that … [Read more...]