ABCFamily’s “The Fosters” and the Power of Adoption

Late last fall, I found myself furtively googling “foster children Indiana.”  I say “furtively” because fostering children was something my husband and I had never discussed, and something I was barely able to imagine for myself.  But I had a sudden yearning to see the faces of the children who needed foster homes, to know their names and ages, to allow my worldview to be colored by the reality of the tragedies both big and small that had left those precious ones unmoored and in need of family. … [Read more...]

The Great Need For Wisdom In International Adoptions

Within the last few years, adoption has become something of a “hot button” topic amongst the Church. At the very least, it seems like more Christians are talking about it more often. Russell D. Moore (whose book Adopted for Life could be considered something of a "Christian adoption" manifesto), is one of the leading lights in this new “movement.” Earlier this year, Christianity Today profiled Moore regarding his passion for adoption, and for encouraging fellow Christians to become interested in … [Read more...]

Does Russia Truly Care for the Fatherless?

Russia is one of the primary sources for international adoptions for U.S. families. In the past two decades, over 60,000 Russian children have been adopted into American homes, and a significant portion of these children suffered from developmental issues that almost certainly wouldn't have been treated well in their birth country. However, the Russian government has now passed a law that could endanger the lives of many such children, by banning all adoptions to the United States.Russia has … [Read more...]