The Televangelist: The Angelic Ambiguity of "Haibane Renmei"

What comes to mind when you see the word "anime"? Chances are, the list probably includes such tropes as giant robots, ridiculously proportioned female characters wielding ridiculously large weapons, angst-ridden male characters, lots of sex, lots of violence, and lots of violent sex. This is understandable, when you consider most of anime titles that have informed the American awareness of the art-form. However, anime, along with manga, is an incredibly diverse field, with titles and stories … [Read more...]

The Moviegoer: Secret Worlds, New Perspectives

Each week in The Moviegoer, Nick Olson examines new and upcoming films.Confession: The Secret World of Arrietty (Yonebayashi, 2012) is my introduction to the wonderful world of Studio Ghibli. Founded in 1985, the Japanese animation and film studio enjoys a spirited following of fans and critics that is not dissimilar to Pixar’s fervent admirers. It’s not that I had never heard of the beloved studio, but — for whatever reason — I had never got around to seeing Ponyo, Spirited Away, My Neighbor T … [Read more...]