Eat Your Vegetables: "Annie Hall," Romance, and Real Love

Each week in Eat Your Vegetables, Jonathan Sircy shares the benefit and appeal of some of the culture’s more inaccessible or intimidating artifacts.Cultural Vegetable of the Week: Annie Hall (Woody Allen, 1977) Nutritional Value: Watching fake love implode like a cigar in Woody Allen's faceThis film is funny. Let’s get that out of the way. Yes, it’s a dramedy that effectively ended the “early funny ones” period of Woody Allen’s career, so the laughs don’t come as frequently or as easily as th … [Read more...]

Still Watching: Two Sides of Early Woody Allen

Still Watching is a weekly examination of old TV shows or films.This week I chose two films directed by Woody Allen. This was my first time seeing Annie Hall, one of Allen’s most iconic works. Thematically, it was standard fare for Allen. I usually enjoy his “small” storytelling, meaning he doesn’t tell epic stories of kings, but of ordinary people struggling through life, trying to find their way through their neuroses. In Annie Hall, though, Allen is constantly employing techniques such as br … [Read more...]