Have You Misunderstood Apple’s New Holiday Commercial?

Earlier this week, Apple released a holiday commercial featuring their iPhone. Titled "Misunderstood," it follows a teenager who's been dragged along to the big family Christmas. While his family enjoys their time together (baking cookies, sledding, etc.), he stares at his iPhone. He's occasionally cajoled into participating, but he quickly returns to staring at that Retina display, seemingly oblivious to everything, and everyone, around him. Until Christmas morning, that is, when he... well, … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Not to Buy Your Kid a Brightly Colored iPhone (Sorry, Kids)

Along with the new iPhone 5s,  Apple released another iPhone, the 5c that will feature plastic backings, which makes them a lot more affordable and accessible to a broader audience. As cool as that is for some of us, a lot of parents who've been playing the "we can't afford it" card with their kids in order to keep them at bay, will be out one more excuse to put off buying their youngsters a smart-phone.So what are parents supposed to do? Do you get the kid an iPhone? You're kind of ap … [Read more...]

Slowly but Surely, Positive Changes are Coming to Chinese Factories

Earlier this year, I wrote about the strange story of Mike Daisey, an author and speaker who released a riveting account of his trips to Foxconn, the Chinese factory that produces Apple's iPhone and iPad (along with many other electronic devices). He reported seeing poor working conditions, health risks, and other disturbing things, and his report garnered much acclaim and attention.And then it was revealed that Daisey's claims were riddled with lies and half-truths.However, it was true … [Read more...]

Did Apple Really Just Screw Over iPad Owners?

Earlier this week, Apple held an event during which they announced several new and updated products, including a smaller iPad, thinner and sleeker iMacs, and a new high-end laptop. Needless to say, these announcements got plenty of people excited, including yours truly, as the months -- and even years -- of anticipation, rumors, and analysis come to a head and revealed a slew of lovely new products.But as Buzzfeed reports, there were some people who were disappointed, even angered by Apple's … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Christians take on Apple’s “Blasphemous” Logo

When I was in high school, we had a flyer on our refrigerator that listed products associated with Procter & Gamble. We were supposed to boycott them because Procter & Gamble's president had announced on a talk show that he supported the Church of Satan. As it turns out, this case of satanic allegiance was completely false. It seems laughable now that this rumor was able to gain any traction whatsoever, but it arrived during the "Satanic Panic" during which experts and religious leaders ( … [Read more...]

This American Lie: The Ecstasy and Agony of Mike Daisey

In 2010, Mike Daisey -- who had previously garnered acclaim for 21 Dog Years, a book and monologue about his experiences working for Amazon in the late '90s -- published a new monologue titled The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. In it, Daisey discusses his geekiness, his love for Apple products, and even his admiration for Steve Jobs's ability to "[make] us need things we never even knew we wanted."His love and admiration took a hit, however, when he read about someone purchasing an iP … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: Why Christianity Doesn’t Get the Sympathy Vote

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.When Apple’s iconic TV spot premiered back in 1984, it portrayed mindless folks sucked in by the unnamed (but obvious) computer dictator of the day.The message was clear: Apple had come to set the captives free through its Macintosh computer. Through the new Macintosh, computer usage (and users) could be redeemed.That messaging tapped into the desire we all have to be free and no … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: This Year's Best Super Bowl Ad

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging. This week's installment is a guest post by Jason Morehead.While most people watch the Super Bowl for the football, there are many like myself who watch it for the advertisements. Super Bowl Sunday is prime advertising time, given the game's massive audience, and companies shell out millions to produce high profile ads for the event. (This year, companies spent an average of $3.5 mi … [Read more...]

Leaning Forward: How Updating Your Apps Reflects Who You Are

Before I had to give up video games because of a problem with my hands, perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of being a "gamer" was reading gaming news and following several podcasts that gave previews of new games and technology. I probably spent on average twice the amount of time reading and listening to news and rumors about games than I did actually playing them. After I had to stop playing games, I eventually stopped following gaming news, and it began to dawn on me that I'd never really … [Read more...]

Four Crucial Technology Landmarks in 2010

Last year a COLLIDE Magazine article once again raised in important question: “It’s 2010? Where’s my Jetpack?”. This look back at technology in 2010 starts with a similar question.Where’s my XBOX720?The PlayStation was released in the US in 1995. The PS2 and XBOX were released in 2000-01, and were followed by the XBOX360 and PS3 in ‘05-06. So where’s the next generation of consoles? There’s a simple answer: they’re not coming. The seventh generation of gaming consoles was built for growth, us … [Read more...]