The Power of the iPad

I am one of the now two million brand new iPad owners. I, like most of you, saw the advertisements for the iPad and thought to myself, "What would I do with one of those?" So, naturally, I discounted the iPad as another high tech gadget that does the same things as just about any smart phone these days, only on a bigger screen. But that was before I got my hands on one. My father-in-law received one as a gift on his birthday and let me play with it. Within moments I was hooked and, suddenly, I … [Read more...]

Podcast #84: Spilling Oil and Banning Porn

Everyone agrees that the oil spill is a horrible, horrible thing. What is clear from this podcast, though, is that not everyone agrees on the best way to respond to that catastrophe. In this episode, Ben and Rich go head to head and consider what the Christian's response should be to tons of oil destroying an entire ecosystem. They also discuss their opinion of Steve Jobs' desire to keep iPhone users "free from porn."Every week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett acknowledge and respond to the big … [Read more...]

Compartmentalizing My World: iPods and Community.

Before I owned an iPod I thought they were the most overpriced electronic devices on the market. Why would anyone spend $400 on what was essentially an exaggerated Walkman? After we bought my wife an 30 gig iPod for her long commutes to school, I started to realize how useful they actually were, and within a week or so of owning my first iPod I started to swear to my friends that if it broke I would find a way to buy a new one within a week.What sold me on them was not the ability to play all … [Read more...]