CBS’s ‘Intelligence’ Tests the Trade-Offs of Technology

Warning: This article includes spoilers for the early episodes of CBS’s Intelligence.On January 7, CBS launched its most popular show of the new season, Intelligence. Created by Michael Seitzman, Intelligence boasts an impressive cast that includes Josh Holloway (Lost), Megan Ory (Once Upon a Time), Marg Helgenberger (CSI), and John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise). The series follows Gabriel Vaughn (Holloway), an agent commissioned by the fictional US Cyber Command to act as an “ … [Read more...]

Will Humanity Face Extinction?

Nick Bostrom has one of the more interesting -- and depressing -- jobs that I've read about recently. As director of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, Bostrom spends his days thinking about humanity and its fate in the coming centuries, millennia, and beyond. In other words, he tries to think of ways that human beings could become extinct in the near and distant future.The mass extinction of species is nothing new to Earth history. The vast majority of species who have ever lived on our … [Read more...]