Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew, Grant Hill as Uncle Tom: The Problematic Myth of the “Authentic” Black Experience

by Shane Huey The latest string of Pepsi Max commercials has every high-school hooper in America wishing they were a 60-year old man. And not just any 60-year old man, but one of the particular style and flare of Uncle Drew, a presumably debilitated “old head” who wreaks havoc on street ball courts across the country. With his sweatpants tucked securely in his socks, Uncle Drew proceeds to show all the young bloods what real ball players do--“Get buckets.”Uncle Drew’s mission is to remind us … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Would You Give Up Your Career For Your Religion?

Grantland's Jason Schwartz has posted a fascinating and thoughtful piece about Ibby Jaaber, a talented basketball player who walked away from a promising career as a point guard because he felt it conflicted with his Muslim beliefs. What's more, he even paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars to his former team, claiming the money was "unlawful". The American Conservative's Alan Jacobs offers some more commentary. … [Read more...]

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are BFFs. How Nice.

I would like to nominate Dennis Rodman and the crew of VICE media as the next recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. They have successfully done what no other Americans can claim to have done: They have wined and dined with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un after sharing an unforgettable evening of friendly basketball diplomacy together.Who could suppress a smile after seeing the heartwarming photographs of Rodman and Kim laughing heartily side by side at an exhibition game of North Korean and … [Read more...]

Christians and March Madness

Each year, March Madness is a staple of the sports fan diet. NCAA basketball dominates the news, gives rise to hundreds of individual storylines, and causes countless hours of, "wasted," time as sports fans everywhere watch around a dozen games in the course of a couple weeks. What's the deal?Really, it is simple. The NCAA basketball tournament satisfies several things which are important to the souls of competitive people everywhere.1. It satisfies the love of simple competition.Sports … [Read more...]