The Holy Huddle: Football, Playoffs, and Fairness

Each week in The Holy Huddle, Doug Hankins takes a look at the goings on of the sports world from a distinctly Christian perspective. We finally have a playoff system for the highest level of collegiate football. This past Tuesday, BCS presidents approved a four-team playoff for the national championship that begins in 2014. But, the question remains: What did fans gain with this new playoff format? Did we achieve the goal of settling the age-old debate about the true champion of college footba … [Read more...]

How Do You Respond When Your Team Loses?

Frustration, anger, disappointment, embarrassment; these are all feelings that stir up in any good sports fan as he watches his team lose a big game. These were my feelings as I yelled at the TV, threw my hate in the floor and finally resigned myself to accepting defeat on January 7th. My Ohio State Buckeyes, yet again, lost in the BCS Championship Game, this time to LSU. It felt like a replay of last year's even more embarrassing devastation delivered to us by Florida. But the defeat did get me … [Read more...]

BCS Champs

I hate to even post this! … [Read more...]