Is the Proper Christian Response to the Grammys to Walk Out?

Sunday’s Grammy Awards were about par for the course for our beloved and admittedly messed-up pop music culture.  Performance and style ruled the day, perhaps at the expense of artistry and talent.  A few performers delivered the “shock-value” acts that we've come to expect from awards shows, vying to deliver the most attention-grabbing, publicity-worthy performances, including a mass wedding of heterosexual and homosexual marriages. Because if there's one thing pop music loves, it's love, accept … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: What’s In A Name, Mrs. Carter?

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.A few weeks ago, I introduced myself to another mother at my local library’s story hour. We knew each other’s children’s names, but could only refer to each other as “So-and-so’s mom.” It’s not my favorite thing to be called, yet it seems common at these children’s gatherings for adults to be known only by the possessive relational title of X’s mom/dad/grandma/gr … [Read more...]

CaPC Playlist: Killswitch Engage, Beyonce, Shai Linne, MS MR, and Brad Paisley/LL Cool J

Brief thoughts on songs that are on CaPC writer's playlists. You can check out this week’s playlist on Spotify here."Always" - Killswitch EngageFrom their latest Disarm the Descent, “Always” is a picture of love through suffering, an acknowledgement of the momentary nature of human love and our fading legacy after we die. In these moments of loss and torment When the vast skies don't seem to call to you When the weight of this world bears down And the st … [Read more...]

CaPC Playlist: Kacey Musgraves, Sho Baraka, Woodkid, Page CXVI, Jamie N. Commons and Deer Tick

Brief thoughts on songs that are on CaPC writer's playlists. You can check out this week's playlist on Spotify here:"Merry Go 'Round" - Kacey MusgravesAmy Lepine Peterson had these thoughts on this catchy song: "I like the idea of 'same hurt in every heart... same trailer, different park' and the way the song explores all the ways we seek to 'buy a little more distraction' from the hurt. … [Read more...]

Can Beyoncé Move Beyond Her Bodysuits?

Anyone who was surprised to see Beyoncé in a bodysuit for her Super Bowl performance is clearly not that familiar with Beyoncé. For the past five years, she has worn them for nearly every performance. Her Super Bowl leather bodysuit was designed by little-known Rubin Singer who used iguana and python inset with lace to construct his creation, which was inspired by the mythical valkyrie.At first glance, I thought it seemed a bit like couture S&M wear, which I suppose could very literally c … [Read more...]