You Can Keep Walter White. I’ll Take Inspector Foyle

Perhaps you, like me, have grown weary of rooting for the anti-heroes crowding our cable networks.  Dexter, Don, and Walter (et al.) murder, lie, cheat, and steal, trying all the while to convince us of their depth and complexity, like teenagers who have just discovered existentialism.  We praise their creators for their willingness to engage with the moral ambiguity of the modern world. But isn’t it possible to acknowledge the complex issues surrounding morality without giving up on morality al … [Read more...]

The Case Against “The Case Against Breaking Bad”

As AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad builds toward its conclusion, the hype builds right along with it. Fans and critics alike are lighting up the internet with all manner of adulation and, of course, goofy fandom. In fact it’s difficult to find negative reactions to Breaking Bad anywhere right now, as the show rides a wave of almost universal acclaim.In the elevated tradition of critical thought, then, Stephen Bowie over at AV Club has put together "The Case Against Breaking Bad", and it’s worth … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad Broken Down: “Blood Money”

For the final season of Breaking Bad, CaPC writers will look at some of the most important themes and moments from each Sunday's episode. Breaking Bad Broken Down is a dialogue about one of our favorite shows. This week, Alan Noble, Nick Olson, and Drew Dixon look at episode 9, Season 5, "Blood Money."Alan: At this point, we know the show going to be a tragedy, right? So the question for me is: Will anyone come out redeemed? Is that even possible at this point?Jesse's tremendous sense … [Read more...]

Live Free or Die Hard? Walter White's Spectacular Imaginative Failure

Editor's Note: Spoiler alert if you're not up to date on Breaking Bad.Breaking Bad has always been about the .111958%.In season one we see a flashback of high school chemistry teacher Walter White at a chalk board discussing the chemical makeup of the human body. He is able to account for 99.888042% of the elements that constitute a human being. Wondering aloud about the remaining .111958%, Walt tells his former love interest that there has “got to be more to a human being than that.” Later i … [Read more...]