The Idylls of Miami: Burn Notice’s Fairy Tale-Esque Narrative

 My wife and I don’t watch much television. We are young and cable-less. In fact, the only reason that we watch TV at all is because of a great two-part Christmas gift from my mom: Apple TV and her Netflix password. And although my wife and I differ in our taste in television, the one thing that we can always agree on is Burn Notice.This might be a bit of a dramatic statement, but so what, Burn Notice is the best show ever.Yes, I said the best. Show. Ever.Okay, it probably is … [Read more...]

My 10 Favorite 2012 Cultural Artifacts Not From 2012

Sometimes I feel kind of left out of all of those ‘best of the year lists’. Why? Thanks for asking. It’s because I am a total cultural laggard. I catch less than the average amount of new stuff coming out and that is usually because I am engrossed with old stuff.So I thought I'd share my list of the top things of 2012...that aren't really from 2012... I hope this list is liberating to those like me who spend their time channeling through the endless wealth of culture from before what John Cus … [Read more...]