Why Christians Shouldn't Write Off The Occupy Movement

Though it’s strapped for cash and coming out of hibernation, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to press on, six months after its fiery start on September 17 of last year. The resurgence of the movement is a chance for Christians to enter into fruitful dialogue about Christian parallels to the movement, as well as the spiritual insights derived from the protests.It seems as though most Christians paid attention to the movement for roughly the first month, made up their mind that the mov … [Read more...]

Does Capitalism: A Love Story = Christianity: An Economic Revolution?

My first Michael Moore movie was fraught with highs and lows: he does impressive documentary work (when he stops talking), but that covers maybe a third of the movie.  He also highlights good examples of unconventional business practices, but they do not really prove his larger points.One of the especially useless parts was his apparent effort to convince Christians that capitalism is morally evil.  He does this with the following (paraphrased) argument:  Two priests I know (from Flint!) and th … [Read more...]

God and Mammon in the Big Easy

I leaned against the windowpane, the road rushing past below me. Never had I been within 1,000 miles of New Orleans. Yet here I was, riding in a shuttle to a conference in the French Quarter. It was a breezy March morning - the thick haze of summer heat still months away. As the shuttle hastened toward the hotel, I noticed a plethora of advertisements for everything from sports to gambling to, well, whatever. Plenty to buy, plenty to see I was told.Upon arriving I left my bags at the hotel and … [Read more...]