Should We Be Offended by a Sacrilegious Hamburger?

A Chicago burger joint angered Catholics this month by creating what might be the first ever sacrilegious burger. “The Ghost” is topped with goat shoulder, red wine sauce, and an unconsecrated communion wafer. All of Kuma’s Corner's burgers are made in honor of heavy metal bands: “The Ghost” honors Ghost B.C., a Swedish band whose music and persona mimic the Roman Catholic Church, reversing the imagery to worship Lucifer instead of the Christian God.Despite the Archdiocese of Chicago’s protes … [Read more...]

Does the Church Have Room for Science Fiction?

Back in 2011, The Catholic World Report posted a piece titled "The Cross and The Stars" that looked at the possibility for Catholics (or any Christians, presumably) to find value in science fiction (aka, "speculative fiction") literature. It begins by noting the potential challenges that the genre poses for Christians: What do Worlds of If have to do with Jerusalem? Do Catholic writers have a place among the wizards of fantasy and the starships of science fiction? The very pervasiveness of … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: You Might as Well Abandon the Catholic Church

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.I wanted to be mad at this Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) ad, which will soon be placed in the New York Times. It calls for Catholics to take action against the Catholic Church’s opposition to free-contraception-for-all. The action FFRF recommends? Quitting the church. Check it out:When groups cry out against religion and church and call it all negative, I get a bit per … [Read more...]

Music at Mars Hill: Is Nicki Minaj Possessed?

Music at Mars Hill is a weekly column by Luke Larsen that seeks to find God amidst the newest trends in both mainstream music and independent music.As is typical, the Grammy Award show this year had its fair share of ups and downs -- the ups including Adele's standout performance and Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston and the downs being just about everything else. However, what stood out as being particularly strange to me about this year's awards show was that issues of … [Read more...]

Bare-Knuckled Pro-life Bishops

Ok, so we all know I'm viewed as the Great Ninny by Christians for voting Obama, because it was felt I simply ignored the abortion issue.  However, I heartily applaud America's Catholic Bishops threatening to close their hospitals if the Freedom of Choice Act is signed.  This is one of the most hard-core, grand-scale, bare-knuckle political moves I've seen in a long time and I can't help but love it. … [Read more...]