The Minority Report: Mobile Manners

Every Tuesday in The Minority Report, Drew Dixon takes a look at trends in youth culture and offers some biblical wisdom for navigating them.I love Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging. I love having instant access to all three on my smart phone and yet sometimes I want to throw other people's phones across the room . . . or at least confiscate them for a time.Today's teens have grown up with cell phones and access to social media--most of them don't remember a time when no one had text … [Read more...]

Is TMI making us D-U-M-B?

One of the constant laments here at CAPC is the loss of creativity in the Christian sphere.  Really, it’s a funny problem.  The church is flung far and wide across ethnicities, cultures, geography, and political spheres.  Is it really so hard to find a few creative Christians?A short, sweet article by Frank Bures in Poets & Writers (Way, Way Too Much Information) makes the case that problems with creativity, at least in the field of writing, may have something to do with the constant flow o … [Read more...]