To Catch A Predditor: Reddit, Gawker, and the Challenge of Online Privacy

Reddit describes itself as "the front page of the internet", a statement that seems to be growing truer all the time. The site has become increasingly popular -- it's estimated that the site receives as many as 30 million unique visitors a month -- and it has garnered an immense amount of cultural capital. On August 29, 2012, President Obama went on Reddit and did a live Q&A (or "AMA", for "Ask Me Anything" session in Reddit-speak) that had more than 4 million visits in a 24-hour span, and … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Why Christians Should Read Disturbing, Dark, and Secular Fiction

Every Monday in Citizenship Confusion, Alan Noble discusses how we confuse our heavenly citizenship with citizenship to the state, culture, and the world.This summer I have been somewhat dutifully working on my dissertation, which will address the manifestation of signals of transcendence in Twentieth Century American Fiction. Whatever that means. (Maybe I'll tell you when I know.) In preparing to write, I recently re-read what many would consider to be a quintessential "dark" or "depr … [Read more...]