A Child-like Faith in a Freakonomics World

I want you to imagine a beautiful building.  Inside, chubby young data analysts lecture sixty year old baseball executives on drafting strategy.  Homeless people are invited to come in for a meal, but before receiving food they are given a twenty-question survey by a grave old economist.  Nooks and crannies in the aesthetically pleasing walls have displays (shrines?) about things like the iPad and Excel 2010.  The bulletin advertises the upcoming TED talks, the sermon is delivered by a skinny Can … [Read more...]

Sacred Christmas without Christ

If you've listened to our recent podcasts, you know about my frustration with the synthesis of the Christian Christmas and the secular Christmas.  Here's a good example of a secular writer viewing Christmas as wonderfully sacred, and yet entirely secular.  Hopefully we'll continue to think, as Christians, about the best way to challenge these views. … [Read more...]

Reviewing: Christ and Culture Revisited

Here at Christ and Pop Culture, we don’t want our readers to think we just sit around watching movies and arguing about visual morality.  We like to read, too, and thought it might be helpful to review the latest book on the interaction between our faith and our spot in history.  Here, then, is my review of D.A. Carson’s, “Christ and Culture Revisited.” How shall Christ and Culture interact?  The question is universal.  From Christians hiding in China, to the power and majesty of Catholicism, t … [Read more...]

Dan's Real Life is A Lie

One strange cultural passion is getting advice.  This is not the same as taking advice, mind you.  As a culture we seem to love to be told, “the right thing,” or, “what I should do,” even if we don’t generally follow through.  The success of Oprah is a great example, but despite her massive empire she is just the tip of the iceberg.    Thousands of radio shows, newspapers, and websites hire people whose ENTIRE job is to give others advice on how to live.  When we watch a movie like Dan in Real Li … [Read more...]