ELSEWHERE: “Dear Mr. Watterson” Explores The Ongoing Legacy Of “Calvin & Hobbes”

I think that for people of a certain generation, the comic pages have been forever ruined because of Calvin & Hobbes. Bill Watterson's clever, whimsical, imaginative comic strip won millions of fans during its 1o-year-run, and its legacy hasn't dimmed one bit since it ended in 1995. An upcoming documentary titled Dear Mr. Watterson explores this legacy from the perspective of fans and other comic artists. The film premiered at the Wisconsin Film Festival to solid acclaim, and opens in more c … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Graphic Novels of 2012

Christ and Pop Culture's resident Illustrator, Seth Hahne, shares six must-read graphic novels from the past year.  Since I can't know either you or how your tastes run, I'm simply going to presume that you are like myself. I'm going to presume that you—like me—find graphic novels to be a worthwhile expression of personal and cultural storytelling. I'm going to presume that you find the artifacts of pop culture, and in this case graphic novels, worthwhile for any number of reasons—reasons probab … [Read more...]

How Comic Books Can Help You Think

I suppose you could say that I was an amateur comic book fan when I was a kid. I had a small collection (over one hundred) and, though I didn't read all of the comics I owned, I enjoyed reading specific ones regularly. It was a sort of guilty pleasure then, something I was slightly embarrassed of and something I rarely tell people that I did even now. In the circles I ran in comic books were for nerdy kids. If you could describe how the Green Lantern became the Green Lantern no body wanted to … [Read more...]