Have You Misunderstood Apple’s New Holiday Commercial?

Earlier this week, Apple released a holiday commercial featuring their iPhone. Titled "Misunderstood," it follows a teenager who's been dragged along to the big family Christmas. While his family enjoys their time together (baking cookies, sledding, etc.), he stares at his iPhone. He's occasionally cajoled into participating, but he quickly returns to staring at that Retina display, seemingly oblivious to everything, and everyone, around him. Until Christmas morning, that is, when he... well, … [Read more...]

Super Sunday: The Day Masculinity Dug its Own Grave

One of the oddest days in the U.S., Super Sunday, can seem like some sort of cultural bizarro world. Those who dislike sports not only put up with it for several hours, but often get invested in a football game of which they had no knowledge or interest beforehand, which speaks to the power of the social event and the shared experience. Even more odd, and perhaps more sinister, is the fact that a huge majority of people who watch the Super Bowl also look forward to the commercials. Something … [Read more...]