Hobby Lobby, Contraception, and the Morning After Pill

You've probably heard about the contraception controversy in the Obamacare mandate, i.e., that companies who have health plans must include coverage for contraception in those plans. Many churches and religious organizations cited this as an infringement on their religious liberties, and they've been granted an exception to that particular clause. However, corporations and private businesses have not been granted that exception, and some Christian-run stores, such as Hobby Lobby, are challenging … [Read more...]

Uncovering Contraception

I appreciate the irony of writing about birth control while six months pregnant; I keep imagining the looks I might get when I pick up my research from the library. A bit late for this sort of reading, no? But the recent controversy over birth control in the Obama administration’s healthcare reforms illustrates that birth control is about far more than whether or when women get pregnant. The current issue is fraught with legal and religious ideologies that are difficult, if not impossible, to u … [Read more...]