The Kiddy Pool: We Are… God’s Handiwork(ers)

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.I remember reading Martha Nussbaum’s Sex and Social Justice in graduate school; in it, she argues that we are all “body workers,” that every human is embodied and therefore uses some physicality to perform our work. It’s just that the product of some people’s work is divorced from our bodies, so the work is considered more dignified. I’ve been thinking about that … [Read more...]

Be Creative and Live Longer

Exercise and diet are the quintessential factors contributing to good health and prolonged life. They may have some company, after a study found that creativity is another factor that does the body good.Fast Company’s Co.Exist channel reports that: In a study of 1,349 older male veterans, creativity—serving as an indication of openness, the willingness to try new things and accept new ideas—seems to have predicted a longer lifespan. The Journal of Aging and Health study, which followed the m … [Read more...]

Is TMI making us D-U-M-B?

One of the constant laments here at CAPC is the loss of creativity in the Christian sphere.  Really, it’s a funny problem.  The church is flung far and wide across ethnicities, cultures, geography, and political spheres.  Is it really so hard to find a few creative Christians?A short, sweet article by Frank Bures in Poets & Writers (Way, Way Too Much Information) makes the case that problems with creativity, at least in the field of writing, may have something to do with the constant flow o … [Read more...]