My Online Image: Facebook, Twitter, and Privacy

Just a few years ago social networking was primarily a past time for dramatic preteens, garage bands, and spammers, but more recently an older demographic has been drawn to sites like Facebook and Twitter, altering the landscape of these social worlds and normalizing to some extent the disclosure of personal information online. One challenge of this new technology has been the balance between privacy and public disclosure. At this point, most of us have heard the horror stories of people who … [Read more...]

Compartmentalizing My World: iPods and Community.

Before I owned an iPod I thought they were the most overpriced electronic devices on the market. Why would anyone spend $400 on what was essentially an exaggerated Walkman? After we bought my wife an 30 gig iPod for her long commutes to school, I started to realize how useful they actually were, and within a week or so of owning my first iPod I started to swear to my friends that if it broke I would find a way to buy a new one within a week.What sold me on them was not the ability to play all … [Read more...]