Marijuana Legalization in Black and White: The Racial Cost of the Status Quo

My friend Matt was caught smoking pot with his friends in the high school bathroom. He got a slap on the wrist and spent a night in a juvenile detention center. After paying the fines, his parents never mentioned the "incident" again. Matt went on to receive a graduate degree from a top-tier university, and now he's a homeowner with a beautiful family and thriving career. He also happens to be white.I met my friend Jimmy later in his life at a homeless shelter. He was arrested at a young age … [Read more...]

Notes from the Margins: Because of Christ, It Gets Better

Each week in Notes From the Margins, D.L. Mayfield writes about the kingdom of God, marginalized people groups, and popular culture.In a study published last Wednesday, the effects both of being bullied or being a bully were found to last well into adulthood (including, but not limited to, a severe increase of anxiety disorder, depression, suicide, and panic attacks). According to the New York Times, “bullying is not a harmless rite of passage, but inflicts lasting psychiatric damage on a … [Read more...]