ELSEWHERE: Patriotism and Christian Engagement

Maybe this is always the case, but it seems like there are a lot of things happening in the public sphere right now that affect Christians deeply (e.g. the DOMA decision, the Texas abortion bill, the alleged beating of Christian protesters at a gay pride rally, etc.). Thankfully, these events  have also spurred many thoughtful believers to ask how to engage passionately in political discourse without transgressing the bounds of neighborly love. On July 4, the folks at Resurgence published this p … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Which Side Is the Right Side of History?

With the new SCOTUS decisions coming down, there's been a lot of historical prognostication and jabbering about being on "the right side of history." Ted Olsen reminds us over at Christianity Today, that there have been a lot of rewrites. … [Read more...]

A Marriage Ink Blot

As the Supreme Court prepares to here DOMA and Prop 8 challenges this March, we should all reflect on the central question of the debate: What is marriage? I take the inquiry from the title of an article and a book by three great scholars, one of whom I have the pleasure of knowing personally.So consider this as a kind of teaser.The law of contracts requires parties to meet a high capacity requirement, attempting to secure a fair playing field for free private agreements. For instance, … [Read more...]