Eat Your Vegetables: "Doubt" (Shanley, 2008)

Each week in Eat Your Vegetables, Jonathan Sircy shares the benefit and appeal of some of the culture’s more inaccessible or intimidating artifacts.Cultural Vegetable of the Week: Doubt (John Patrick Shanley; 2008)Doubt is provocative, but its ideas are rather sloppy. And this is first and foremost a movie about ideas, not people.The film focuses on a small parochial school in the early '60s, some time after Kennedy’s death but before Nixon’s election. Our attention is directed toward two s … [Read more...]

"Doubt" and Transforming Faith

On the web site for the film Doubt, writer and director John Patrick Shanley explains that, for him, doubt is not the absence of faith, but rather a stage of experience the faithful may go through, from which they emerge with a new kind of faith. Though in Shanley’s film, doubt and faith revolve around questions about human nature rather than questions about the existence of God, Doubt raises important questions about how those with religious convictions should relate to the world in a time of c … [Read more...]