ELSEWHERE: Gender–Leave the Trinity Out Of It

The gender role debates between complementarians and egalitarians in the church show no signs of abating any time soon, and in protracted theological discussions (battles) like these, the tendency is to pull every other subject into its orbit—even the Trinity. Commenting on Larry Crab's recent entry into the discussion, Fred Sanders argues over at Christianity Today that we should leave the doctrine of the Trinity alone in the gender debate as it can surely only result in speculation on both s … [Read more...]

A New Wave of Complementarianism?

Over at The Atlantic last week, Abigail Rine debated the pros and cons of abandoning the word “feminist” (a term I defended at some length a few months ago). When a label can’t shake its negative connotations, she asks, is it time to give up on the label? Or to fight for it?  Christians wrestling with gender issues are asking the same kinds of questions about the labels we’ve chosen.  Within evangelicalism today, you’ll find two main groups: those who identify as “complementarian” and those who … [Read more...]

The Female Gaze: No One Wins When Men and Women Play for Power

Each week in The Female Gaze, Faith Newport engages the trends, events, and issues that affect women—and the men who care about them.If there's one thing I'm really tired of in Christian culture, it's the seemingly constant grab for power. Some days, I see it almost everywhere I look. The people who spend thousands of dollars trying to boycott one law or another—or to get new laws on the books prohibiting this or that. The frenzied voices of our "culture wars" as everyone tries to out-shout and … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: The Power of Complements and Egalitarians

Every Monday in Citizenship Confusion, Alan Noble discusses how we confuse our heavenly citizenship with citizenship to the state, culture, and the world.Last week, Rachel Held Evans organized a blogging event to promote egalitarianism titled the "Mutuality 2012 Synchroblog." Along with other bloggers, Evans wrote a few thoughtful articles on "mutuality" (egalitarianism), including one particularly interesting post on the ways in which Greco-Roman household codes might have influenced Paul's … [Read more...]

Reading Through “Half the Church,” Part 4: A Blessed Alliance

Carolyn Custis James looks at the brokenness and suffering in this world and sees a solution: The Body of Christ. She calls every one of God’s image bearers to become active in taking God’s love to a world in need. In particular, she speaks to women in her book Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women, encouraging them to gain a global perspective for how their gifts can be the means through which God delivers help, healing, and hope.I’ve already written about three themes of … [Read more...]