How We Honor Our President

Monday afternoon, I challenged Christians with the following words: I hope you vote wisely and thoughtfully tomorrow, but please, don’t buy into the idolatrous lie that your future hangs in the balance. If you are a Christian, I would encourage you, regardless of the results of tomorrow’s election, to be gracious, kind, and humble. Show the world that your hope is not in this life or in the things of this world, but in the One who offered Himself on the cross as a ransom for sinners. Naive rig … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Detox from the Election

It's Wednesday morning, and Mitt Romney has conceded the election to President Barack Obama. That means there are several million disappointed people this morning, and several million very happy people. Where I live, the majority are in the disappointed pool. I think my state went probably 55% for Romney, and if I had to totally guess, I'd say our church members probably voted 95% for Romney. To help those who are upset this morning, I've compiled a short list of things that might help those on … [Read more...]

Grapes of Wrath? The Economy of Relative Feeling

I recently joined a book club, and our next book is, "The Grapes of Wrath," by John Steinbeck. Most interesting was the reason for choosing this particular book; the choosers felt, "it would be especially relevant to our time and situation." In other words, they felt the many parallels between our time and the events depicted in the book warranted close consideration.Of course, the title for the book comes from the Christian hymn "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," which uses martial terms to … [Read more...]

The Right Side of History? A Christian Votes Obama & Thanks President Bush

Well, I voted. There are all kinds of good things about casting my vote today:I added my contribution to the political process. Lines were short. NO MORE POORLY WRITTEN POLITICAL ADS. No more abuse for my unorthodox political perspectives. One less thing for which to be called an argumentative person. Almost all my political predictions are going to come true (I thought Guiliani would do better, but otherwise I nailed most of them).But that said, I did it with a bit of wistfulness. I … [Read more...]

Four Exhortations for this Political Season

In this particular political season, I don't know many people who are outright uninterested in the presidential race. The opinions on both sides of the aisle are many, and the stakes are incredibly high. A combination of fascination and frustration grips most of us as the race drags on and seems to take all sorts of odd twists and turns. In short, this whole politics thing is getting crazy these days.What's most important, though, is that Christians remember to glorify God in all of life, … [Read more...]

A New Paradigm for Christian Politics

Christmas is, “in the air,” for a longer period each year. This time around, I started hearing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving week! However, even Christmas cannot compare to the length of time we spend talking about politics, especially in a presidential election year.Government’s basic job is to create a lawful and orderly society. However, laws and societal structures are imperfect, so people and their government are continually trying to figure out ways to solve the problems and imper … [Read more...]