Miley Cyrus and Exchanging Virgin Icons for Sex Icons

What! Another formerly wholesome teen celebrity strips on television? Yes, Miley Cyrus’s nasty performance on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards show was outrageous, an example of cultural decay and decadence, etc. But it’s not new.Neither are the indignant replies we’ve been hearing from some.Christian pastor Trevin Wax’s popular blog reaction invokes one image Christians often reference (it was even in the film Courageous): a sweet little girl twirling like a princess. Wax is thoughtful an … [Read more...]

Why We Need More Christian Entertainers

Is it just me, or does jumping off of someone's back and doing a karate kick in mid-air make for an awkward transition into corporate worship?I recently attended a concert featuring four popular Christian bands. Three of them asked me and the other audience members to join them in worship. We were asked to repeat simple praise choruses, raise our hands, close our eyes, and sometimes sing lyrics that were projected artfully onto a massive screen at the back of the stage. These musicians leading … [Read more...]