The Sandwich Generation

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.My girls are lucky to live only half a mile from my parents; my parents actually moved to be nearer to us after my second daughter was born, and their intention was clear—to downsize from their pre-grandparent life and spend as much time as possible with their granddaughters. The situation works beautifully for everyone involved: high-quality occasional ba … [Read more...]

Pride & Gender Roles: Demythologizing Marital Income Disparity

Getting a job in a competitive, capitalist society is a lot like playing dodge ball in grade school- it involves praying you aren’t picked last and getting your buddies who have already made the team to vouch for you. But unlike a game of dodge ball, the career world can affect every aspect of your life indefinitely. So what happens when Christian men, convinced that they need to be the predominant fiscal provider, get out-earned by their wives?There seems to be an innate, archetypal desire i … [Read more...]

Not Fit for Dinner: Evangelicals, Immigration, and Mitt Romney

Each Friday in Not Fit for Dinner, C. Ryan Knight explores political issues and the preconceptions guiding our understanding of and responses to them.It’s heartening to see Evangelicals positively engaging in politics lately on the issue of immigration, though this engagement could lead to estrangement from the GOP.A wide range of evangelical leaders made national headlines last week after launching their Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform and holding a press conference about the … [Read more...]

When Games Matter: My Brother and How SOCOM US Navy Seals Brought Us Closer

When Games Matter is a weekly exploration by Drew Dixon of meaningful moments in games. Operating under the assumption that games do in fact matter, Drew seeks to highlight those moments that have much to say to say about who we are and the world we live in.Growing up my brother and I were always really close. When I was young, I wanted to do everything he did and most of the time he would let me. We played all kinds of games together--cowboys and Indians, ninjas, and of course war (of all … [Read more...]

Sports Fanatic vs. Family Man

Are you a man who loves his sports team more than his kids? … [Read more...]