The Precarious Validity of ‘Pastor Fashion’

The Master of Divinity is one of the most work-intensive master's-level degrees out there. Aspiring ministers need to acquaint themselves with formidable amounts of theology, philosophy, and church history; develop competencies in the original languages of Scripture; and exercise their muscles in exegesis, homiletics, management, and counseling—all in preparation for shepherding a future flock. With all this emphasis on substance, is there any time left over for style?Enter Rev. Ed Young, a m … [Read more...]

Wearing ‘Christian’ Clothing Sets You Apart, for More Reasons than One

 Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti has shifted her interest in fashion, recently designing and launching a Christian-clothing company, God Inspired Fashion. The items range from skinny jeans to dresses, modest tanks for summer to a blazer for winter. "God-inspired clothing," says Bisutti, "is making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God's love. And that’s really what the world needs right now." I once worked at a coffeehouse with a woman who was n … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The “Evolution of the Swimsuit” and Nostalgia for More Modest Days

Are your friends passing around that Q video where Jessica Rey talks about "The Evolution of the Swimsuit"? Now, I like a classy vintage-inspired suit as much as the next girl, but there's good reason to take Rey's argument with a grain of salt; the video, after all, amounts to an advertisement for her company. A group of ladies at Christianity Today offer a variety of helpful critical perspectives on the video, and Rachel Marie Stone expounds on her contribution at her personal blog, arguing … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Women: Lilly Pulitzer and Margaret Thatcher

The strange thing about death is how it inspires many of the living to speak in hyperbole. Last week, we lost an "icon" who "brought together generations" and "reinvented" how things were done.And if that's how fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer is spoken of, you can imagine what's being said about Margaret Thatcher.Ms. Pulitzer died on Sunday in her home in Palm Beach. Her signature preppy and slightly nautical aesthetic, a uniform for the country club set, was pretty and easily wearable. … [Read more...]

Don’t Worry, Vicky (An Open Letter to Victoria’s Secret)

Dear Vicky, I know it’s been a rough week for you.  That blog post about your “Bright Young Things” advertising campaign went viral, and suddenly parents everywhere are freaking out thinking that you want to sell bras and underwear - and a sexy image - to teen and preteen girls.But relax. You’re not doing anything wrong.I mean, first of all, you’re not actually trying to hook the tween market. The Victoria’s Secret PINK line that you’re advertising is a brand designed for college-aged wo … [Read more...]

The Meteoric Rise of Men’s Fashion

In the past decade or so, the term "metrosexual" has been used for straight men who cared about their appearance. I remember going to college with several "metros" who had a taste for designer denim and wool blazers. These men weren't gay, but because they fixed their hair and wore stylish clothes, their sexual orientation was considered a bit suspect. Straight men didn't and shouldn't care about such things!Thankfully, that's no longer the case. Blogs, streaming fashion shows, and fast … [Read more...]

Where Should Christians Buy Clothes?

The relatively recent food movement toward local, responsibly produced, and unprocessed foods is one example of a broader social movement afoot. We're moving beyond simply conspicuous consumerism. People realize that their purchases matter and that realization has naturally extended into how we buy clothes.And that leads to a certain tension. Should I buy only fair-trade clothing? Should I avoid fast fashion chains (like Forever 21 and H&M) that are said to use exploitative labor? Is it … [Read more...]

Is Christian Fashion Week A Good Idea?

Last weekend, the first ever Christian Fashion Week (CFW) was held in Tampa, Florida. Attendees could expect modest clothing collections, a women's only swimwear show, and gift bags filled with bibles. Held concurrently with the venerated New York Fashion Week, organizer Jose Gomez hoped to "do something to make New York jealous" and "really wanted quality represented."The merits of creating Christian subcultures within literature, art, music, and film have been endlessly debated. And … [Read more...]

Does Fashion Matter?

Did you receive numerous lectures about the importance of wearing a dark suit for job interviews?Did you ever buy a certain piece of clothing because you were convinced it would help you fit in?Did you ever feel pride in wearing your team’s jersey on Friday at school?Have you ever written off a bar as "too hipster" only because of what its patrons wore?Have you ever felt humiliated because you realized your shirt was sheer?Have you ever felt superior because you knew you were … [Read more...]

What Does the Victoria’s Secret PINK Collection Say about Us?

If there is one set of clothing that the word "sexy" does not normally describe, it's probably sweatpants and sweatshirts. Usually unflattering in shape and fit, lackluster in color, and cheap in quality, loungewear has traditionally been saved for a "girl's night in." Victoria's Secret has turned all that around, making lounge wear both comfortable and sexy with its PINK collection.The collection began in 2004, with the intention of targeting females in college and seeking to be fun and p … [Read more...]