#Instagrown: In an Age of Instantaneous Everything, What Happens to Adolescent Yearning?

Adolescence is a matter of restlessness. It is a churning, writhing cesspool of desire. No, not that kind of desire - not entirely. Mostly, it is the recognition of this pull toward adulthood, the acknowledgment that something is ahead, above, beyond what has already been known and experienced. That elusive something seems bound up in money, making out, and mystery, with a little flash and smoke. The hallmark of this formative chapter is that maturity, adulthood, that something, is close enough … [Read more...]

All Hallow’s Read: Why We Should Read Scary Stories for Halloween

Erin Newcomb makes a case for the virtue, humanness, and theological richness of scary stories, and urges us to follow Neil Gaiman's advice to give a scary book to someone on Halloween. “The night was cold and dark. ‘Listen to the wind howling in the trees,’ said Frog. ‘What a fine time for a ghost story.’ Toad moved deeper into his chair. ‘Toad,’ asked Frog, ‘don’t you like to be scared? Don’t you like to feel the shivers?’”Whether Toad likes to feel the shivers or not, I shall leave … [Read more...]