Filmwell’s “Favored TV Moments of 2012”

As a companion piece of sorts to CaPC's own list of favorite television shows from the last year, check out this list of "favored TV moments" by my Filmwell colleague M. Leary. As the title implies, it's less a rundown of favorite shows, and more reflections on specific moments within those shows, including: Doctor Who's "impossible astronaut"; Community's "Digital Estate Planning"; and the opening credits of "Game of Thrones", which, as Leary puts it, "is a pitch perfect representation of the … [Read more...]

Entering into a film like a child

Filmwell's Ron Reed discusses an interesting way of looking at movies: Sister Rose Pacatte writes for the National Catholic Reporter. In her recent article Seeds of the Gospel in Cinemashe talks about cinema divina – a practice of watching film as a spiritual discipline, derived from lectio divina. She mentions Father Benedict Auer’s article “Video Divina: A Benedictine Approach to Spiritual Viewing,” in which he writes “Video divina requires a set disposition which says, ‘This evening, I wish to … [Read more...]