Can You Know Too Much About Your Body?

 Every day, as you go through your normal patterns and routines, you're generating massive amounts of data about your body and its habits, performance, and abilities. These metrics can range from caloric intake or the number of hours you slept the previous night to the number of miles you ran or steps you took going to the office. And those are some of the more obvious ones. At first blush, these metrics might seem trivial. However, thanks to devices like Fitbit and fitness apps for … [Read more...]

Blurring the Lines Between Video Games and Reality May Not Always Be a Bad Thing

In recent years, there has been considerable discussion regarding the deleterious effects of video games. Studies have linking them to various negatives, including increased levels of hostility and aggression, poor sleep and obesity, and even reckless driving. And that's not even taking into consideration claims by folks like Mark Driscoll that video games are bad from a spiritual perspective. Indeed, it often feels like there's this tacit understanding, even among gamers, that playing video gam … [Read more...]

Play: Good for Children and Other Living Things

I must admit, I read the article "Is CrossFit Training Good for Kids?" with significant skepticism. It's not that I'm a stranger to difficult workouts; I ran DI cross country and track, I have 18 marathons to my credit, and yes, I can do cleans. To me, these CrossFit workouts sound fun except for the fact that they're taking place indoors.My primary concern is not that the workouts are too hard for kids (though I think that's possible if the staff is not appropriately trained or the workouts … [Read more...]

Pole Fitness for Jesus?

This is perhaps the weirdest news story I have seen all year. Crystal Dean, a fitness instructor at a studio called Best Shape of Your Life, is offering a fitness class that as far as I know is unprecedented: Pole Fitness for Jesus. These types of fitness classes are a growing trend in fitness centers across the country but hosting such classes primarily for church goers is a surely a first. Dean offers these classes free of charge on Sundays to women who bring in their church bulletins. Dean … [Read more...]