CAPC Podcast #4: Hot Pockets, Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church, The Beats Music App

Listen here.Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we discuss a wide range of topics and provide the kind of perspectives you've grown to love from our stable of thoughtful, talented writers and editors. Please consider subscribing, enjoying, and reviewing the show, all of which you can do just a few clicks away in iTunes.Today, Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by Staff Writers Brad Williams and Nick Rynerson to discuss the mysteries of what goes inside the now-recalled Hot Pockets, S … [Read more...]

Before You Buy Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate, Read This

 Oh, Valentine's day. Riddled with expectations, horrible satin bows, and lots and lots of chocolate (58 million pounds sold each Valentine's week in the U.S. alone). But there is another, somewhat hidden story lurking underneath. Of the chocolate that we purchase for those near and dear to us this week, there is almost certainly a child slave laborer involved in producing it.I'm sorry to stomp on your "holiday", but it still needs to be said: stories on abuse in various food … [Read more...]

The Quinoa Craze: The Occasional Problem with Buying Better Food

Personal experience tells us that it costs money to buy food. And it's also obvious that it costs more money to buy better food, the sort often labeled "organic," "fair trade," "free of preservatives," and so on. A somewhat recent food trend in the latter camp is quiona (keen-wa), a Peruvian whole-grain full of amino acids and known as a complete protein. This item is praised in the food-conscious, vegan, and "granola" crowds. It provides a serious dose of protein, can be a meat replacement, and … [Read more...]