When Games Matter: Frozen Synapse and The Humility of Allowing Defeat

When Games Matter is a weekly exploration by Drew Dixon of meaningful moments in games. Operating under the assumption that games do in fact matter, Drew seeks to highlight those moments that have much to say about who we are and the world we live in.I recently started playing Frozen Synapse thanks to a friend who gave me a free copy. It's basically a mix between Words With Friends and Rainbow Six. Its like Words with Friends in that you play your "turn" on your own time, and like Rainbow Six … [Read more...]

Play in Process: Frozen Synapse

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5fofqIisik&feature=relatedEach week in Play in Process, Richard Clark shares what he’s been playing and why it matters.News flash: there are some games that I am really, really bad at. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm not always totally dominating the leaderboards of every game I play like I do for Rat on a Skateboard. Some games are a real struggle. And sometimes the reasons for that are just a little too obvious.Frozen Synapse (PC/Mac) is one such g … [Read more...]