Notes from the Margins: The Mindy Project–A Once in a Decade Opportunity


Each week in Notes From the Margins, D.L. Mayfield writes about the kingdom of God, marginalized people groups, and popular culture. The show Girls gets a whole lot of attention in the media world. Lena Dunheim, hailed for her emotional honesty and clear-headedness when it comes to body image, is at the top of the pack of in-demand writers and performers. Critically acclaimed and successful, Dunheim has hit the jackpot. She is funny, unapologetic, driven, and smart. Lena Dunheim is one of a … [Read more...]

What HBO’s “Girls” Gets Right About Sex and Intimacy


In HBO’s “Girls,” currently wrapping up its second season, 26 year old writer, director, and actor Lena Dunham offers a refreshing - if sometimes painful to watch - view of female sexuality.  Unlike the glossy, airbrushed twentysomethings who headline most sitcoms, Dunham cuts a disheveled, average-sized figure - and she’s not afraid to bare it.  In the search for intimacy and connection, Dunham’s Hannah Horvath is willing to try almost anything with almost any specimen of … [Read more...]

Girls, Cults, and Healing Past Wounds

Christopher Owens is a former member of Children of God, a religious sect most people consider to be a cult. Owens is now the lead singer and main songwriter for the critically acclaimed band Girls, who recently released a new album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Listening to other tracks off of their new album, like the happy-go-lucky, Beach Boy-influenced tune "Honey Bunny," I’d never have guessed at Owens's dark past. But as I listened further, I realized that the band’s exploration of such a … [Read more...]