How to Revitalize Young Conservatives: Don’t Pal Around with Fools

Like many evangelicals of my generation, I'm trying to reorient my political vision after a childhood spent under the dysfunctional influence of far-right religious conservatism. Growing up, Rush Limbaugh was on the car radio and voting Democrat was a sin. For some, this reorientation has led to a wholesale rejection of conservative positions on life, the power of the federal government, and our rights and freedoms. Others have sought to rethink what it ought to mean to be conservative, what … [Read more...]

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Every week, our writers share some of their favorite finds from around the internet. Check back every week for great articles, insane news items, and interesting diversions.Rich: Well, isn’t this just precious: David Jaffe, creator of the Twisted Metal series among other things, freaks out about art games.Why aren’t there more female characters in games? Mystery Solved!Personally, I think this is an amazing idea.Alan: Marvin Olasky on how Glenn Beck believes that man can rule him … [Read more...]